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Netix Global


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Video Creation

Netix Global is an automation solutions provider focused on sustainable smart buildings, smart cities, and energy efficiency. The company has a global presence and offers a range of SaaS solutions including Netix Konnect- Intelligent Integrated Command Control Center (ilCCC), Netix Uniview SUPRA: managed services for predictive maintenance, and smart metering solutions. The company has launched Netix Novus Partner Program: an innovative and futuristic solution, featuring unique, open protocol solutions that can integrate multi-vendor subsystems, enable real-time monitoring, preventive maintenance, and create an open-protocol ecosystem in buildings in order to ensure utmost adherence to sustainability targets. 


Netix wanted to accelerate a Brownfield Revolution through its unique Partner Program- Netix Novus, which integrates multi-vendor subsystems and enables real-time monitoring and preventive maintenance. They wanted to launch this program at a Gala event at The Burj Khalifa. Uxury was entrusted with creating the corporate presentations and explainer videos for the event. Their internal teams wanted help from an agency that would function along with their team to meet crunched timelines and event presentation design goals.


Uxury was able to successfully deliver the corporate presentation and explainer videos for the event, on time and within budget. We were also able to convey the brands’ vision to become the preferred global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) arena, offering advanced automation solutions, cloud platforms, and innovative energy management dashboards.

Video Creation

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