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Increasing Online Leads & Social Media Engagement for MiniHomes


Mini Homes


Real Estate Investment Advisory​


Online Lead Generation


Based out of Mumbai, Mini Homes is an investment advisory and an exclusive project marketing firm specializing in real estate. It has its roots deeply embedded in the real estate market with its team having more than two decades of experience in the real estate sector. Mini Homes caters to a vast, diverse portfolio of clients both in India and in other countries, giving special attention to client servicing which helps us build on long term relationships.

The Ask

Minihomes had entrusted us with the task of running email campaigns for their HNI audiences. We successfully engaged in professionally managing their social media marketing with HNI clients. Challenge was to keep the client's interest active and keep the leads warm during the lockdown phase.

The Challenge

We offered an ongoing lead management system where we assisted them with ongoing email and social media campaign to keep interested prospects as warm leads. We also ensured that people who responded frequently were given adequate information about projects they showed interest in. Minihomes engaged with Uxury for their pick of the lot, which are properties for premium and high-end clients from across the world.

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