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Investor Pitch for Samvedna: Assisted Senior Care and Mental Health Counselling

Quality Time





Brand Communication

Digital Engagement and Application

Samvedna Care is a technology-enabled mental health and well-being service provider that offers counselor and expert-led services to adults. With a focus on overall well-being, Samvedna Care empowers individuals with innovative, personalized solutions to enhance their mental fitness and improve their outlook on life. With over a decade of experience, Samvedna Care’s team has designed best-in-class, person-centric, evidence-based solutions that help individuals live happier lives. Samvedna Care has provided over one lakh hours of care to individuals, patients, caregivers, and their families across India.

The Ask

Samvedna wanted to create a corporate presentation showcasing its unique growth trajectory over 8 years to its Board and Investors. A lot of data had been collected, and it had to be structured into interesting infographics and the story to be told in an impactful manner. Uxury was entrusted with creating the corporate presentation.

The Solution

Uxury was able to successfully deliver the corporate presentation within crunched timelines and within budget. Data had to be visualized and represented as more than just charts and graphs. This required a team of business analyst, designer and content writer from Uxury to work in unison. We created an interesting storyline to showcase the TAM, Business Model and growth projections. The end result was a well-crafted investor presentation that was able to convey the brands’ vision to become the preferred solution provider for assisted senior care &  holistic health for individuals.

Presentation Design

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