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Setting up Brand Positioning for V-Empowerall

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

MSMEs driven by entrepreneurs have the potential to add $300 billion to India's GDP by 2025. How? Today, as many as 98 percent of the MSMEs are outside the ambit of the market access platforms- give them market access and the tools needed to scale. V-Empower-All is a demand-driven platform, that creates access for MSMEs so that they get market access and business referrals within various B2B for within and outside India.

We developed an extensive discovery and networking platform for B2B MSMEs, Founders,each other's and Entrepreneurs along with a business referral engine:

  • adding the MSME's registered details

  • adding the market value proposition

  • allowing members to discover each-other's synergies

  • allowing members to find co-founders for their venture

  • assisting members to scale up in foreign geographies

  • designed to help businesses work together to pass referral business and explore new opportunities.

In effect, we have developed a platform for Indian MSMEs that works seamlessly across multiple geographies in India and abroad.

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