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Increasing food delivery orders on the app

A large Fast Food MNC with major franchises in India was targeting millennial customers with its value-based offers on “meals” every month. They wanted to increase orders on the mobile app by over 20% making it a preferred medium for ordering.

The UX research with customers showed many areas for improvement. For instance:

  • "Make it a meal" suggestions were NOT being made at the right places in the app

  • Customers could not customize what ingredients they wanted to add/leave out

  • Inability to alter order during checkout 

  • Lengthy registration and checkout process 

We the simplified UX and replicated the ease of ordering face-to-face. We improved the overall UX by:

  • adding the "Convert the order into a Meal" feature at relevant decision points

  • shortening the registration to a simple 2-step process

  • adding a customization option even during checkout 

  • allowing users to save multiple addresses and tag them 

  • option to choose "Happy Meal", "Combo Meals" or "Sharing Packs" thereby up-selling

We also segregated orders into Home Delivery, Take Away, and Bulk Meal booking in advance for large orders, saving the Client's team significant time and top dollar.

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