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Workforce Management App

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Most Banks and insurance companies have field agents, whose main aim is relationship management, customer onboarding, and collections. The usual protocol followed is that these agents start their work day after visiting the bank's corporate branch, getting the day's work allocated by their manager. 

This field force app we designed, eliminated the need for Relationship Managers (RMs) to go to the branch at the start of the day. Instead, they could start work directly at the client's location. For instance, the bank branch manager assigns work to 6 RMs working in the Fort Branch, South Mumbai. Instead of coming to the branch every day and then getting work assigned, these RMs could just log into the app, see the tasks allotted to them, and start work.


This saved the bank RMs considerable time, which would otherwise have been spent traveling. It also made customer onboarding and query resolution easier, since RMs could use the "document upload" feature on the app. Eventually using a digital process of "check-in" and "check-out" these RMs were able to clock in more hours at work and manage customers better.


For the bank, this implied better productivity, better collection processes, and faster resolution of customer complaints.

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