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Investor Pitch & Marketing Strategy for US’s restaurant chain: Chicken Guy!


Chicken Guy


Fast Food Industry​


Corporate Investor Presentation

Chicken Guy! is a restaurant that serves one-of-a-kind chicken tenders pounded out to maximize crunchy texture and flavor. Based in over 9 locations in the USA, the restaurant offers rewards, specials, and surprise offers for customers who sign up. Chicken Guy! also provides other signature mouth-watering creations exclusively at their locations and can deliver fuel to keep events fired up. The restaurant was hatched from the minds of chef Guy Fieri and renowned restaurateur Robert Earl, adding to the restaurant’s credibility and expertise in the culinary industry. They have a unique and refreshing take on Chicken delicacies made in restaurant chains, and aim to make flavourful Chicken-sauces their main USP.

The Ask

The ask was to create an investor presentation for Chicken Guy! In a way that would showcase the unique offerings of the restaurant. The presentation was to highlight the one-of-a-kind delicious chicken tenders recipe as well as the rewards, specials, and surprise offers made available to customers. The presentation was expected to also emphasize the expertise of the restaurant’s founders, chef Guy Fieri and renowned restaurateur Robert Earl. The goal of the presentation was to attract potential investors by demonstrating the success and potential growth of Chicken Guy! as a popular and profitable restaurant concept.

The Solution

Uxury was able to successfully deliver the corporate investor presentation on time and within budget. The presentation was an impressive walk through of how Chicken Guy! had the potential to be a successful franchise due to its offerings and menus customised to local preferences in the USA. We were also able to convey the brands’ vision to become a leading Chicken Take-Away and Dine-In restaurant brand.

Presentation Design

00_thechickenguy_Pitch_Part 1_24 march-03.png
00_thechickenguy_Pitch_Part 1_24 march-07.png
00_thechickenguy_Pitch_Part 1_24 march-12.png
00_thechickenguy_Pitch_Part 1_24 march-10.png
00_thechickenguy_Pitch_Part 1_24 march-17.png
00_thechickenguy_Pitch_Part 1_24 march-18.png
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