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An App For Trekkers & Camp Site Owners

India has great potential for adventure tourism, but not well-developed camping sites. The problem is the dearth of good networks that give people access to great trekking routes and camping spots.

People on travel sites often give reviews for hotels, food, etc. and we hardly see any sites that allow travelers to discover camping sites and fellow travelers. 

Also, there are very few travel sites that allow travelers to create visual journeys through their mobile apps. A Mumbai-based travel startup identified this need. They commissioned us to create an app called Campsters, aiming to be the 'Airbnb' for serious trekkers and campers.

Campsters' on the other hand are more focused on camping itself. Sure the reputation of the camp owner, the facilities, and the trained staff for adventure sports played a part. In-app, you have trek route recommendations, and restaurant locators, as well as tools that allow you to book your flight, book a camp campsite site, and then find your way there.

Using this app, campsite site owners can get visibility for their campsites. Adventure travelers can discover camping sites and fellow travelers, who wish to share their journey and itinerary.

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