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Setting up Branding & Positioning for Practus Innovations


Practus Innovations




Brand Strategy & Re Positioning

Brand Identity Revamp

Brand Communication

Digital Engagement and Application

Practus Innovations works with corporates in a Finance/Business Transformation role through the MyCXO and the MyCFO brand with offices in Mumbai, NewYork and Dubai. Practus works with CXO’s of companies to improve performance across Finance, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Practus delivers impact to its clients using a proprietary ‘Outcome based’ model implementing projects either part of the CFO’s office (as CFO’s or working with leading CFO’s) or leading performance improvement projects with operations/ business teams.

The Ask

Practus Innovations was a ndw brand being launched by Practus Advisors. The ask was for strong brand identity system and logo design that represented the company's values and resonates with its target audience.


Uxury's experienced designers worked hand-in-hand with client to create a unique brand identity that resonated well with the client and their audiences.

With the new branding, there was a need to keep in touch with changing market & user needs. We surveyed the client's users and used that reserahc to devise a way forward for Practus Innovations brand.

The Solution

All our efforts prioritized establishing Practus Innovations as innovators and disruptors in the industry; through a streamlined visual language.


Out of the numerous options, we narrowed them down to 3 approaches. We advised them on the right symbol, color palette, typography, iconography and visuals to establish a cohesive brand.


We guided them with the best approach out of them. This was the Rubiks cube approach- which directly correlates to

Problem Solving.

Practus Innovations' New Logo

JPEG_Variation 03.jpg

Our chosen approach,
here's why it worked really well:

The new logo has elements from the Rubiks cube: the Practus Innovations new logo represents the ability to take challenges head-on with a focus on the outcome. Similar to the permutations and combinations used to solve the Rubik's cube, Practus endeavours to solve client challenges. This is what the brand-new logo and visual identity turned out to look like:

JPEG_Variation 01.jpg
JPEG_Variation 02.jpg
PI Moodboard.png
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