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Brand Collaterals and Marketing Strategy for WISH: a nutraceutical brand 

Image by Tina Witherspoon






Brand Communication

WISH: Wellness Index of Spices for Health makes health supplements and preventive health products for a range of lifestyle-related ailments. The products are easy to carry, measure, make, and drink: the supplements instantly dissolve in any liquid. Simply mix in water and drink: that is the premise. WISH health supplements are formulated to dissolve uniformly allow your body to absorb nutrients to their full potential. Their products are 100% natural origin, 100% bioavailable and two times more effective than synthetic pills, and that’s their biggest differentiator.

The Ask

WISH had decided to launch a range of nutritional products during the lockdown. Uxury was entrusted with creating the packaging. Their internal team wanted help from a design agency that would meet their team half-way on understanding product literature and making a the packaging design a success. 

The Solution

Uxury was able to successfully deliver the packaging design for WISH, on time and within budget. We were also able to convey the brand’s vision to visually differentiate products: being 100% natural origin and 100% bioavailable. Uxury used colour, typography and visual weight to make this distinction clear. Product lines were based on: Cognition, Detox, Gut, Sleep, Immunity: each of these was assigned a predominant colour and typography: using visual elements to communicate the differentiation in packaging design.

Several Approaches

WISH Label_ Walkthrough_v01.png

Final Packaging

Wish Labels-08.png
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