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Creating Impactful Corporate Presentations for Accion

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Accion Labs


Global Technology​


Corporate Presentation

Accion Labs is a global technology services firm focused on servicing enterprise and technology firms in emerging technologies such as Cloud, SAAS, eBusiness, Mobile, open-source and Web 3.0 Accion offers a range of IT engagement models such as - IT staffing, turn-key, T&M/collaborative projects. Whichever be the engagement model, they follow a tool-centric, outcome-focused and action-oriented engagement approach. Accion labs is privately-held, venture-funded and has offices across the world in USA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Australia and UK.

The Ask

Accion wanted to launch its new solutions through its flagship event: Accion 2023 Innovation Summit at Palm Jumeirah. The brief included working on superbly crafted keynote PPTs on the state of the tech industry. They wanted to showcase the company’s expertise in providing cloud innovation and cloud engineering services to partners & clients. The ask was that presentations should highlight Accion Labs’ servicelines: platform-agnostic & cross-cutting across six technology domains of cloud engineering and digital transformation services. Their internal teams wanted help from an agency that would help them to meet crunched timelines.

The Solution

The event’s goal was to attract potential customers by showcasing Accion Labs’ unique approach to cloud innovation and engineering. Uxury was able to successfully deliver on those goals with the corporate presentation design and marketing collaterals for the event: over 23 presentations within 3 days: while receiving accolades for it. The design of the presentations was visually appealing and effectively communicated Accion Labs’ commitment to help businesses transform through technology. 

Presentation Design

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