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Pokernations Online-UX IPL Leaderboard

Poker Nation is one of the biggest online poker websites operating from Mumbai, India. With more competition from other Poker websites, Poker Nation is always churning out more features and alterations in the user interface to acquire new players as well as to retain the current players.


Poker Nation introduced a new Leaderboard promotional campaign during IPL 2018. That involved daily promotions and deals on deposits to make the players more engaged in the games.

​Uxury was entrusted with the task of creating the UX for the new IPL Leaderboard. This involved user research validated by avid gaming enthusiasts. We found that each feature of the existing website had to correspond to points in the Leaderboard. The website was made in a way that allowed users to:

  • Play a demo game before tournaments

  • Make predictions on the IPL Finals winning team and unlock various levels in the game

  • See the top scorers of the day

  • See self-ranking and track progress 

  • Get a chance to play 3 different IPL leaderboards from one single place in the web-app, while having a superior gaming experience

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