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Personal Finance Management App

Most of India's tech-savvy, upwardly mobile customers want to spend but want the ability to track their expenses. There is a significant need for personal finance management among such customers. With dozens of transactions on debit or credit cards, they may miss out on saving opportunities.


A large Indian Bank wanted to address this need. They commissioned us for an app that allowed customers to manage their money better. The app showed customers their latest transactions on debit & credit cards. It them to set aside a budget for the month, and alerted them if their spending was going beyond that amount. If there was excess money in the account, automatically the app would suggest parking the excess amount in Liquid Mutual Funds which would get a better rate of interest than a regular savings account. The app was also tied to Master and Visa Card offers in the vicinity. If customers wanted to avail discounts on shopping, they could do so by activating the app and finding out which offers are on in the neighboring locality.

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