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Bridging The Gap





Brand Strategy & Re Positioning

Brand Identity Revamp

Brand Communication

Digital Engagement and Application

Practus Innovations works with corporates in a Finance/Business Transformation role through the MyCXO and the MyCFO brand with offices in Mumbai, NewYork and Dubai. Practus works with CXO’s of companies to improve performance across Finance, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Practus delivers impact to its clients using a proprietary ‘Outcome based’ model implementing projects either part of the CFO’s office (as CFO’s or working with leading CFO’s) or leading performance improvement projects with operations/ business teams.


MyCFO was working with clients pan India but served clients in the US and Middle East markets under another brand name of Practus Advisors


The brand name: MyCFO was not able to fully reflect the array of current service offerings and therefore needed a brand refresh. Taking into consideration the ROI Delivered positioning, and the brand’s aspirations of being a global player, foraying into international markets, they decided to drive one unified brand name globally: Practus Advisors.


Practus Advisors was looking to create a new identity for itself based on a new niche go to market strategy. The mandate was to create a brand new logo in keeping up with this change of direction. A majority of Practus’ clients are funded startups who had to pivot to keep growing through the pandemic year of 2020. The challenge was to do it in a way that consistently reflects the brand value of Practus across the five continents it served.


All our efforts prioritized establishing Practus as innovators, problem solvers and disruptors in the industry; through a streamlined visual language that stood the test of time.


Out of the numerous options, we have narrowed them down to 3 approaches. Each had the logo, the rationale and the elements that go along with it.


Followed by the mood board of visuals/ images that can be used in the respective design approach. Wherever possible, we have tried to relate it to one or two specific Practus Values as well.


We picked the best approach out of them. This was the Tic-Tac-Toe approach- which directly correlates to Problem Solving.

The Practus Innovations Identity

JPEG_Variation 03.jpg

Several Approaches

PI Moodboard-01.png
PI Moodboard-05.png
PI Moodboard-02.png
PI Moodboard-03.png

Our chosen approach, here's why it worked really well:

Analogous to a Rubik cube, the logo represents the ability to take challenges head-on with a focus on the outcome. Similar to the permutations and combinations used to solve the Rubik's cube, Practus endeavours to solve client problems with a goal-oriented approach.

JPEG_Variation 01.jpg
JPEG_Variation 02.jpg
PI Moodboard.png

Color & Usage

The colors used in the logo signifies the brand identity and attitude of Practus. The color Green represents Growth, Finances and Money. The color Yellow is for positivity, clarity, energy, enthusiasm, confidence, originality and optimism. Practus radiates these qualities in its approach towards driving results and fulfilling customer satisfaction, be it in finance or business transformation.

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