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The Green Water Company  ________

Bridging The Gap

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Digital Water Services


Brand Strategy & Re Positioning

Brand Identity

Brand Communication

Digital Engagement and Application

Founded by Gautam Khandelwal and Shubhra Jain Khandelwal in 2021, The Green Water Company (TGWC) is India’s first digital water services platform offering holistic water solutions to individuals and organisations. From checking the quality of a water treatment plant to fixing a leakage in residential/commercial premises, The Green Water Specialists are well qualified to rectify and fix any fault line in water systems. The Green Water Company carries the legacy of its parent company (GMGR) and aims to be your partner in water and wastewater management. The family business (GMGR) has been a renowned name in the plumbing business for over five generations. TGWC is therefore not a start-up, but an off-shoot of an expanding vertical which the parent company has successfully grown in the last 15 years. We have complete vertical integration, which adds value to each engagement we take up.


Water is an essential necessity and life without water cannot even be thought of. When looking for life on other planets, scientists look for the presence of water there. Thus, we can confidently say – “Every Drop Counts”. With this concept we had to come up with brand identity in which we can make the drop of water synonymous with the drop of life.


A concept where 2 elements i.e. Handshake and Drop merge to convey collaboration and team work that leads to planning, problem-solving, and decision-making to better serve customers, which is what TGWC aims to create for itself.. Yellow takes audiences by storm. When used at networking events, the color yellow has proven wildly effective in producing mutual collaboration. Whereas light blue represents health, healing, tranquility, understanding and softness. Logos in this colour scheme aim to signify change & transition.

The Evolution of the TGWC Identity

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Several Approaches

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Brand Iconography

Social Media Advertising

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