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Soaring via Entrepreneurship & Visioning

Sindhuri Rao founder of Uxury In conversation with Shankar Hemmedy

Being an entrepreneur means you have the unique opportunity of creating jobs, sustaining livelihoods. That's not easy, but that's exactly what's required! It takes a lot of grit to keep people engaged and motivated in the face of crises. You have to chin up and do just that. I did that, trusted my team and in turn, they have produced some of our best work, in the past few months!

What made us pull off achievements inspite of the pandemic? Team vision, resilience, hardwork and faith. Mentors: people who have stood by us, putting faith in the team in our darkest hours (as we were handling medical emergencies in our families.) Shankar Hemmady is one such person. Shankar is one of the founding members of TiE (San Franciso Bay Area) Having set up and run multiple profitable businesses in the USA, he's a fantastic mentor. He has been on a mission to capture stories from around the world on people who have found their calling. I'm truly humbled to be interviewed by my mentor, on why we do what we do at Uxury. Much gratitude!

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